3 Things About the Denver Airport that might Creep you out

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Airports are the last place one would think of finding anything creepy or eerie, right? Well if you have ever been to the Denver airport (whether by cab or car service) you would have noticed some things that might make you question some of the purposes behind its construction and architecture. Sources say that even before it was constructed, the planning and blueprint of the airport caused some conspiracy theories. If you have never been to Denver, so the next time you land there, notice the following things or ask the DC Limo Service driver about them.

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There are plaques at many places at the airport which have the Free Mason symbol. This is an interesting topic of discussion that you can have with your Denver airport car service driver. Some say it’s where the Illuminati hold their meetings. Given the size of the airport, people think the elite members hold the meetings in the basement of the airport.

2. The creepy horse

Before you enter Denver, airport or come out of it in your transportation service you will see a 32 foot statue of a blue horse called the Blue Mustang. It has fiery red eyes that glow at night. The creator of the statue died a tragic death because it fell on him making it seem ominous in its own right.

3. Strange decor

If you notice inside the airport there are very strange murals and paintings of things that remind us of death and evil. For example, there is one of Lucifer jumping from a suitcase and then the sculpture of Anubis — the ancient Egyptian God of death. Many of the controversial paintings have been removed. It’s an interesting place in its own right so the next time before you take the BWI Limo Service, check these things out.

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Source: http://limoservicedc1.blogspot.in/2017/06/3-things-about-denver-airport-that.html

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