4 Clean Reasons to Make a Private Smoking Section at The Wedding

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If you have a wedding approaching and you feel you have everything accounted for think again, the habits of some guests may not be as attractive as other and having a location set aside for the unwanted scenery may be very important. Smoking is not a great thing to be done but for some they must have their vice at the ready.

There is no smoking in the BWI car service, and neither is there smoking allowed in the venue. Having a location set up for your cigarette and cigar smoking guests will keep the unwanted smell and sight of the habit at a minimum and have everyone feeling comfortable.

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Ensure your guests that their need will be available with a section of the venue outskirts smoker accessible. Instead of lighting up that first cigarette or cigar directly after stepping out of the car service from BWI, invite guests to a location where it is accepted and controlled.

It is not discriminating or mean to discourage tobacco products or vaping at your wedding, after all its your big day and it should be what you are looking for. Having your guests feeling free to indulge but in their own time and at a safe location will have everyone feeling included and comfortable. From wedding to Dulles Airport limo ride.

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Remember to keep the needs of your guests in mind but stay focused on what you want your big day to be. The Dulles airport limo service will always be there and so will your family, so for one day we can all make a compromise and achieve a wedding that is comfortable and pleasant for all who attend. Call us today — (202) 765–2350

Source: http://limoservicedc1.blogspot.in/2017/10/4-fresh-ideas-for-accommodating-smokers.html

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