How Guest’s Cell Phones Ruin Your Wedding Photos

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In today’s society, we are always exposed to some form of media. It could be browsing your social media while riding on a Hummer Limo DC recommended, the TV blaring in the living room when you get home, the advertisements on the side of buses, signs, posters, phone calls, and the list goes on. Some would say that all of this media and communication can really clutter our minds, take us away from what is important, or over saturate ourselves with other people’s lives.

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Your wedding day — is your day and you are the stars in this show. Today, we are sharing with you great ways to make sure your wedding is as memorable as a Limo Rental DC loves.

Top reason to tell your guests to leave their cellphones at home is because it ruins photos. Take a look at your parents wedding photos with Limo Service DC visitors rode in on, now look at your best friends. You may notice that in your friend’s photos, there is always someone holding or looking at a cellphone, but in your parent’s they noticed the photographer and looked up to smile, instead of being tied up with social media.

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Another way cell phones interfere with the photographer’s work is the cellphones flash. With other people taking photos, it can essentially create light blurs in the photos that you are paying for.

Cell phones also take a bit away from photos. When your professional photographer is snapping photos of the first kiss or the newlyweds hopping into a Black Hummer Limo DC wedding goers love, people tend to hop in from of the camera to get photos of their own.

Many couples who have had unplugged weddings commented that their wedding seemed more special and that guests actually enjoyed being away from distractions for a day.



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