How to Ask your BFF to be your Groomsmen or Bridesmaid

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Asking your best friend, or group of friends to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen is a big deal. Even if half of your friends figure that you will ask them anyway, it’s still fun and exciting to make the most out of this once in a lifetime experience. Before you grab DCA Car Service and hit the road to ask your friends to be a part of your wedding, consider these wonderful ideas.

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DCA Car Service

Call all of your friends for a fun night out. Grab Bethesda Car Service and ask your friends to be your main crowd and start celebrating your engagement party right there!

Include the things everyone has in common. Does everyone love sushi? Ask over a traditional Hibachi dinner. Does everyone love the outdoors? Consider asking your friends for a day hike then asking them the big question.

Ladies can have a fun girl’s day to ask their friends the big question. Give your friends a call and meet together at a local spa or salon. Grab Limo Service DCA recommends and stop by a vineyard on the way to home to make it official.

Guys can invite their best buddies to a sports game, or spend a little less and just catch the game together at a sports pub instead. Ask the guys over dinner and a beer and start planning the bachelor party.

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Bethesda Limo Service

If you work together, consider grabbing a ride home with Bethesda Limo Service and include your friend. Ask them on the way home.

Give the ladies matching bracelets that says “Bridesmaids.” Give the guys matching ties that says, “Groomsmen.”

Invite everyone over for dinner.

Invite everyone to a local dance club.

Announce it on social media.

Ask them over a video call.

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