Tips to Crafting a Nutritious Wedding Menu

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Choosing a wedding menu can be difficult for many couples, especially when complimenting a theme. Do you want comfort food? Do you love traditional food, or would you rather have a heritage-inspired menu? No matter what your choice is, you can still have a menu that will be delicious to your taste buds and good to your body as well. So here is to getting organized!

Whether you have already secured DCA Car Service or are just taking your first steps — we are here to help.

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DCA Car Service

Opting out. Garlic and butter smothered white bread is great for dipping in a saucy Italian dish, just like a baked russet potato is a family favorite. But there are better alternatives. If you want to provide a menu that will be as satisfying as Bethesda Limo Service, opt out of highly processed and high glycemic foods. Wheat and whole grain bread can be substituted for white, just as sweet potatoes are a healthy alternative to plain white.

Go organic. Many people choose not to go organic because it is more expensive, however if you contact a farm directly, you may be able to get a much better deal.

Grab Bethesda Car Service and pick up tea instead of coffee. Ginger tea is great for digestion, while green tea can provide a caffeinated boost with more beneficial effects than coffee. Hot teas are perfect to drink after eating a large meal, like your wedding guests will undoubtedly do.

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If you want to offer as something as great as Limo Service DCA loves, provide healthy treats that even diabetics and people who are watching their figure can eat. Greek yogurt is a go-to high protein low sugar food. There are thousands of amazing desserts that can be crafted from yogurt that your guests will love. Call us today at (202) 765–2350


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