Where to go for an Honeymoon according To Your Zodiac Sign

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Ever thought about going on a honeymoon based on your zodiac sign? If you haven’t, it is time you start planning for one. After all, who can describe better what you truly crave for than your own zodiac sign?

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1. Capricorns are perfectionist. They are compassionate about anything perfect. The best place for them to visit is the Napa valley decorated with vineyards all around them serving the finest brews.

2. Aries are social butterflies, they like anything adventurous and outdoorsy. Taking a trip to Cambodia will provide ample opportunities to meet interesting people like themselves and explore great historical sites.

3. Pisces are hardcore romantics. They have a strong intuition, and are passionate and creative. Honeymooning destinations like Italy will provide them their perfect escapade.

4. Taurus is traditionalists. They may be savvy with money but have a great taste for finer things in life. They will find many in Hawaii for sure.

5. Gemini is expressive and thoughtful. Their fascination and curiosity to discover new things occupies their mind 24/7. A Spanish honeymoon filled with historic attractions, classy cuisines and nightlife will keep them entertained.

6. Cancers crave intimacy. They enjoy a laid-back coastal honeymoon than to go hiking on the mountains. Their dream destination would be a place like Maldives with bungalows perched over the waters.

7. Leos are passionate, cheerful and full of life. Their honeymoon destination needs to be like them too. Places like Bora or Tahiti surely live up to their expectations.

8. Virgos are the all work and no play type. They have a strong attention to detail and love to be realistic about everything. A honeymoon in the Caribbean will provide them a luxurious escape and help them unwind in the natural surroundings.

9. Libras are inspired by intellectual conversations; therefore a place like Austria will provide ample opportunities to do just that.

10. Scorpios are known to be passionate. When it comes to romance, they love intimate and low-key vacations like one in Bali.

11. Sagittarius all love to travel. They enjoy far-flung getaways. The ideal place for them to go honeymooning will be Africa because they desire to be in touch with anything natural and outdoorsy.

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Source: http://limoservicedc1.blogspot.in/2017/06/where-to-go-for-honeymoon-according-to.html

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